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Friday, May 27, 2011

Maybe it's time??

I think that when your baby asks for a bottle and you say, "go get it," and she decides to get the stool, push it up to the bottle cabinet, climb on it, open the cabinet, get out the bottle, and turn the water on......Maybe it's time to wean her?? This has been the hardest thing to decide, only because she is my baby and who knows when I will finally talk Kevin into just one more, hahaha! I really want 3 more, but shhh, we will just work on the one for right now! Anyways, this was dangerous and just so you know Kevin was watching her without her knowing, and just thought that it was the cutest.
I still cannot bear the thought of getting rid of the Baby things because who knows when I may have the need for them once more. She is so attached to it also, I mean every night she goes right to bed with it, and every nap. I have never had a baby regularly nap every single day like she does without fail, because of the bottle. I am kinda scared of losing that. However, I do feel somewhat lacking in the toddler training department because of my inability to take away her precious, security, comforting friend for all her sleeping life. Maybe at this time I shall ask for ideas on how to help?? I do have to say that I love her sassy happy attitude and am so glad that I won when I talked Kevin into having baby #5, Lol!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vacation Post #3!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe!

On March 20th, 2011, it will be mine and Stacie's 13th year together. Stacie and I have been extremely busy with not only our careers, but also our family, and the sickness' that we have had to battle.

As many already know, my Stacie received the H1N1 vaccination in October of last year. The vaccination caused Stacie to obtain a disease called Guillian Barre Syndrome. I am just writting a little about how this disease has affected our family and especially Stacie. I would like to compare the uprooting of our family to a puzzle. Our family was a perfect placed puzzle with all the pieces in line and attached together. This disease caused this puzzle to be picked up and dropped on the floor, causing not only havoc, confusion, stress and heartbreak but also causing a huge mess.

Our dream as a couple is to help people and to teach our children how to do the same. How can we go from helping others to now being the ones that need the help? Many family members and friends stepped in and helped more than I ever imagined they would, especially under all of their own circumstances, illnesses and problems, and many are still helping.

Our dreams are scattered and now just coping day by day can be difficult.

Now here is the good part of the story, which of course is completely based about Stacie. Those who know Stacie know how extremely intelligent, loving, caring, kind, crazy, gorgeous and hard working she is. Stacie, in high school, was always trying to better herself and help others as well. Stacie had a course to teach the mentally handicap class. Basic skills were taught and Stacie enjoyed every minute of it. This was not enough for Stacie to just teach basics so she came up with her own class idea to teach the students not only basics but also advanced personable skills for everyday life. Stacie taught the students how to use their imagination and explore these imaginary basics that most of them have never had the capacity to even think of trying. Stacie taught them the art of acting and theater. This course was patterned by Stacie and is still in effect at the high school. During this time Stacie also understood the power of humility. What high school student can say that? Not many! Stacie takes no credit for this act of charity.

Now teaching the said course is hard enough on its own, but Stacie also had extremely hard courses on her own, including college courses and advanced classes throughout all of high school. She knew what she wanted and went after it. Stacie was given the Sterling Scholar award, which is the most prestigous award given in high school. She also made time to be in the student body presidency every year as well. She played softball in leagues as well and, some how she even had time to date me.

After high school I was out of the picture on a mission and Stacie went to college at the Uof U. She continued to take her elevated courses, and also became part of the school class presidency for the students recruitment center. During this time Stacie also had three jobs and still somehow had time to date. Stacie met a guy that was struggling with himself and with his self esteem. This man had no life goals. Over a period of just a year or so, Stacie helped change this man into a very confident and caring individual who set high goals and kept those goals. This guy also went on a mission, (which was one of his goals, made after he met Stacie).

I came back into the picture and just two months later, I married my Stacie. At this time I never felt so much love in my life (literally). Anyways, even though the love was there this first year of marriage was hard. Stacie is a very confident, independant woman and I am a very stubborn, cuddly guy. I understand how smothered she must have felt. These times were tough but definetely worth the struggles. During these times, I had a job building furniture and Stacie (of course) continued her education. Money sucked and Stacie got us another job running the Ellerbeck mansion bed and breakfast in Salt Lake avenues. I loved the mansion, we lived in the haunted basement and our guests stayed up on the second and third levels. Stacie ran the place while I worked elsewhere. Not only did Stacie have time to do all of this but she also had time to date me and sspend time with me, and of course she became pregnant.

Morning sickness did not mix well with making breakfast in bed for people. It also did not mix well with the cleaning of pubic hairs out of the tubs and showers. We moved into an apartment complex, and that is right, Stacie became the apartment manager over the approximate 300 units while she still attended school and was pregnant.

I am trying to show everyone a pattern of Stacie's life. No matter what gets in her way she is a go-getter and even goes above and beyond.

I am going to skip a few years and just say that during the skipped years a few babies came and Stacie pushed me to go to college, which I am thankful for.

I became a corrections officer in the jail and then a police officer on the road. Four children later, and expecting a fifth, Stacie decides to go back to college. Now Stacie already has enough credits for a doctorate degree but decides to change her path and go into nursing.

Nursing school was hard. Not only for me but for Stacie as well. Stacie of course could not just be in school. She became the nursing school president and remember she is also pregnant at this time. As the president Stacie and her team raised more money and helped more charities, including the troops, than any other presidency before them, and I bet, even after them. Somehow Stacie still had time for her family.

As a nurse Stacie became the best nurse she always wanted to be. She helped people physically and emotionally and became friends with nearly all of her patients and patients families. Her boss loves her and is always talking about her in a high fashion. Stacie was chosen to be charge nurse over many that had more time working than her. Stacie was also chosen to be the HR nurse in her area which included projects for her to make the hospital a better working environment and a better patient environment. Stacie is incredible at her job.

Boom!!!!!! Guillian Barre!!!!! This disease knocked Stacie straight off of her feet and almost stopped her breathing. This disease knocked me straight off of my feet and kicked me while I was down with more stress than I have ever dealt with. It felt as though the earth shook and a tsunami wiped my entire family out. A year and a half has passed and Stacie still cannot walk at times. She has improved a little but can only do about 50% of what she once was able to do.

I now want to tell everyone that the puzzle on the floor is slowly coming together again, piece by piece, but this time we are using glue to hopefully keep the pieces in place.

Stacie and I have become even stronger as a couple. I give this credit to Stacie. She is the one that continues day by day to battle this disease and yet somehow keep me as happy as she can and help keep the family in order. She continues to fight and kick to stand where she stood before she fell. More and more crap gets in her way but she continues to fight and somehow stay positive. Yes, sometimes, she has bad emotional days, but for the most part she is positive.

Stacie is my superwoman. Through good, bad, horrible, exhausting and straight out stressful times she will always be my Stacie. She deserves this credit! She deserves to shine! She is just plain light. I love you Stacie so much. Happy Anniversary!

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